History of  Expressive Therapies

Nowadays, Expressive therapies are employed as an alternative approach in medicine, mental health, and rehabilitation. Nevertheless, history proves that throughout the existence of mankind, art has been employed as a therapeutic and healing agent. For instance, it is reported that the Egyptians used to embolden people who suffered from mental illness to participate in an artistic activity (Freshman & Fryrear, The arts in therapy, 1981); the Greeks used music and drama for its mending characteristics (Gladding, 1992).

During the Renaissance, according to Robert Burton’s theory (the English physician and writer), the role of the imagination was crucial in terms of well-being and health. De Feltre (the Italian philosopher), moreover, argued that playing and dancing were extremely significant to children’s development and growth.

The proper use of the arts as a supplementary medical treatment came into play from the late 19th century to the 20th century.
According to Joseph Moreno (the founder of psychodrama), mental health can be reinstated through the use of enactment.

The creative art therapies became vastly popular during the 1930s and 1940s. During this period, artists and psychotherapists began to realize that self-expression via non-verbal ways such as movement, painting and music might be beneficial to patients with mental ailments.

Nowadays, Expressive therapies are utilized as subordinate and main forms of treatment. They are applied in medical, rehabilitative and mental health settings. For instance, music and imaginary theater are now deployed regularly for pain reduction, childbirth, and relaxation. Play and art have proved their efficacy in debriefing, resolution, and trauma. Writing has been applied to improve illnesses like arthritis, asthma and to also reduce post-traumatic stress in individuals who have encountered the loss of a loved one or a traumatic event.

What makes Expressive Therapy Unique?

It’s characteristic.
Expressive Therapy entails specific characteristics that you usually don’t find in verbal therapies:

1.    Self-expression
2.    Active participation
3.    Imagination
4.    Mind-body connections Self-expression

Emboldening individuals to engage in self-expression is in the very nature and aim of all therapies. Expressive Therapy not only stimulates self-exploration but also utilizes self-expression through various modalities as the pivotal component of the procedures of treatment.
Most therapies use the fullest potential of music, play, art and writing. This is because expressing oneself through movement, painting, or poetry can recap events of the past and also produce catharsis for some patients.

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Plumber in Anniston Alabama Greatly Helps Universities And Other Establishments

When I dropped my daughter off for her first year in a university in Anniston, there was unnecessary worrying from me as a parent. I knew she was a little bit terrified too. I had to pretend to be calm and easygoing while anticipating our goodbyes. I gave to her some last-minute reminders before I finally took off from the campus dormitory where she will be staying for four years.

The thought allowing her to live on her and the thought that we only get to see each other twice a year brought me churning emotions. No one told me that I would have sobbing moments for a few days. But I knew dealing with it would just take a matter of perspectives. I wish to be with her every day to take care and guide her but I knew that her independence while studying in a university offers learning experiences that are beyond price. I have to be happy for her because she’s in another milestone of her life.

So far, she had survived in the nine weeks of being a college freshman. She would text me several times and we get to call each other every week. There have been days when she seems to love everything about college but in a few times, it hurts hearing from her that she wants to go home. I have to tell her that the beginning of college can be lonely and she had to stick for a while. She usually gets over with homesickness after an hour or a day. But generally, she’s enjoying her dormitory life and the company of her new circle of friends.

I think most parents of the dorm residents are happy that the school has provided an ideally decent dormitory within the campus. My daughter has learned to easily adjust with her new environment. She’s been able to study well and has been more involved with the school organizations because she is in an on-campus residence.

I never had regrets in putting my child in this university. It was the best choice I made as a parent. I had no doubts about the dorm facility. The conditions of classrooms, libraries and laboratories are also well-maintained. I think it’s all been credited to the university’s general maintenance services.

There was a day when the students dealt with a cold morning with no hot water in the dormitory. The school’s maintenance service acknowledged the problem on that same day and quickly brought in a 24 hour plumber to fix the heater system. It didn’t take more than a day to address the inconvenience. Not a single plumber in Anniston Alabama is incompetent thus problems like these are easily fixed. It’s just a small part of all the tremendous help they do for the schools and other establishments. They care enough for the welfare of every student.

I believe all the things like a well-managed dormitory, comfortable classrooms, helpful people in the university are vital factors for the survival of a freshman student. My daughter did not have too much difficulty in adjusting to her new life because of these things. She felt she found a home in this place.

How School Facilities Affect Learning

the importance of school facilities
Image Credit: huffingtonpost.com

Importance of School Facilities

A school with good facilities simply implies that students are given their right for a good learning environment. But it’s sad to know that there are public schools with poor ventilated classrooms, non-functional or poorly maintained comfort rooms and overcrowded classroom situations.

I have a friend who is a teacher in one of the public schools in Alabama. She loves teaching children but dreads the facilities of the school. It is an old school building and hasn’t gone major renovations. The teachers and students share the same public comfort room with non-working toilet system and faucets. The pipes are corroded. Sometimes they experience a major water leak in the building that they need to cancel classes for the plumbing services to take place. There is no running water. They rely on the janitors to fill in the tank with water every morning.  I have been in that school for several occasions during open house activities and invitational sports events. I knew what it’s like to live everyday with such terrible facility.

They also have crowded classrooms where 50 students needed to fit in a room. Many students complain of rowdy classmates and too much noise in the classroom. They complained of having hard time concentrating with the lessons. It is hard for teachers too to conduct group works in a limited area. Teachers struggle in classroom management, causing them physical exhaustion.

The issues have been brought up to the administration many times but they reason out that it’s still usable anyway and they didn’t have enough funds. They have overlooked the possible effects of having a poor facility condition on health, learning and teaching.

I have seen my friend and how  much she loves her job as a teacher despite the low pay and disadvantaged situation. I can see it in her eyes that she has a passion for children.

What sets her aside from the rest is her genuine caring attitude. She cares for the rights of every child to learn in a conducive, well-maintained environment. She believes it has a great impact to student’s learning process. She cares for their health and safety too.

Right now, she is making a research study about this problem in her school. To help her out on this research, I introduced her to a website called MyWebPal. It is owned by a man named Jon and it contains a lot of information about how to deal with water damage problems such as plumbing. I figured that it is exactly the kind of resource she needs. When she saw that the owner of the website was just around Alabama, she tried to contact him.

To our surprise, Jon replied and agreed to visit the school and talk to us and see how he could help.

As we wait for Jon to come to the school, my friend is hoping that this encounter would be fruitful and will make things better for her students.

My Daughter’s New Direction

Philadelphia Dental Arts

The older that all my children get, the more questions they ask me about certain careers. I really encourage all my kids to ask a lot of questions about career fields. I think the more knowledge they have about something the better it is or easier it is to make a decision. I do not want my kids to be like me when they go to are about to graduate from high school. See I had no idea what I wanted to be or do. So I wasted a lot of time in college just taking courses and I also took some time off from school. When I took time off and got a job somewhere doing labor, that is what finally motivated me to go back to college with a plan. I just want my kids to have some kind of plan. I want them to do something they already know the background of. I want them to do something that they will love and not dread every day going to work.

Philadelphia Dental Arts has some of the best Philadelphia dentist. I had my daughter ask me the other day about the dental field. I really was not surprised because she loves going to the dentist office. I know it is a little odd for a kid to like the dentist! Philadephia Dential Arts have some of the best Philadephia dentists. They do some of the best work there. That is probably why she wants to become a dentist or at least get into the dental field herself. They do such a great job there. That is what she wants to be when she grows up. They work so well with their clients. I have never been to a dentist where you can feel so comfortable. They also treat everyone there like family. So when you walk in there, you get a good feeling.

I was just so happy that my little girl wants to get in such a wonderful field of work. It is very hard work, but she will have a great education. She will also make very good money. I am very proud of her and I hope that she will always follow her dreams!


Minecraft in the Classroom?!?!

In education today many teachers are starting to use the game Minecraft in their classrooms. Our youth of today love any kind of technology and are very comfortable with it. So a teacher would be crazy not to try and utilizes technology in their classrooms. Plus when you teach students using a game, kids are going to love it. I mean really what kid does not love to play a video game? It really is like you are tricking them in to learning. Also when you use Minecraft there are so many different things you can teach students. Students can learn so much more than you think when a teacher uses Minecraft. You will be able to teach them things that they normally would not be interested in but they are because of the game.

There are many reasons why Minecraft is starting to become very popular in education programs. Students will get to use mathematical concepts using blocks while playing the game. So in a way it is like they are their own little engineer. So they will actually be able to see what they are building and they will be building huge projects. It will not be like building a little birdhouse. They also can create ancient civilizations and recreate stories that happened in the past. They also have the power to change what happen if they want. Also they can create their own civilizations and play out their own stories.

When a teacher uses Minecraft in their classroom they will need Minecraft hosting. I would use www.brinkhosting.com. I have been using them for awhile and they are by far the best out there. Having Minecraft in school will bring back so much fun in the classroom! That is what education needs. I believe teachers of today can use this to benefit themselves and their students. I know of a lot of teachers who started using actually became addictive to the game themselves. In a way is a good thing. The teacher will always go back to Minecraft to teach if they like the game too. Let’s make learning fun again!

A Nashville SEO Expert Who Inspired Students

Students were glad to get help from a Nashville SEO Expert who inspired them to do best in school.

image of nashville SEO expertsStudents of Trent Park who want to do business learn different things in school for them to apply in their jobs in the future. They started fresh in their first year, then later on work hard in the succeeding years. Most of the students are eager to finish school to land a job that will make their lives happy and successful. There are several great people who are behind the success of each student in school. Aside from their parents and teachers, there are some people who inspire them to be excellent in what they do. One of the people who inspire them is an SEO expert from Nashville.

Things Learned from An Expert in SEO

The students received tons of new experiences in studying about how their business will turn out if they choose a reliable search engine optimization expert. John has been in the SEO business for a long time already and he knows for sure what his job is. Unlike some of those who are employed in several inexperienced companies, he gathered the right information and uses this information to efficiently work his tasks in doing optimization of the search engines. Some business companies are not focusing the importance of proper SEO trainings for their team. They simply assign tasks to people who are really not sure of what they are doing.

John took this as an example to the students. He taught the students to work with passion in everything they do especially in their studies because if they don’t, they end up hating their jobs. Because of hating their jobs, the companies that hired them will eventually replace them for people who deserve to take the jobs. Although some of the business companies today really don’t care too much on the quality their employees are working for them, they simply provide the task, and if they don’t succeed on it, they can easily fire the employees without giving them the chance to learn.

Struggles to Become and Expert of Search Engine Optimization

Nashville SEO ExpertJohn started in school from scratch, he didn’t own a computer, and instead, he borrows the computer of his brother every time he has some assignments and researches to do. He had a hard time maintaining it because when his brother is away, he had to do advance researches and do overtime studies. He got stressed and unhealthy, but he didn’t give up. He didn’t allow the situation to let him give up in doing what he does in school. He strived harder then later on thought about an idea to sell his knowledge to his classmates. He was able to gather enough money to buy his own computer. When he did bought his 1st computer, which made him successful in his journey.

He was able to contribute in one company, which has a website called http://allmywebneeds.com. This company provided a wide range of SEO services that can help people in their business ventures. People who are interested of their services, they can call through their number 1.615.538.7483 and get the best SEO services that they needs.

Paleo Diets, My Cousin Betty, and Wisconsin Medical Assistant Schools

If there’s the Beaver State and the Beehive State, then there’s also the Badger State.

Wisconsin is called the “Badger State” because there are probably a lot of badgers living in the heavily forested areas near Lake Michigan. Wisconsin is also called “America’s Dairyland” because it is one of the nation’s largest dairy producers. Wisconsin’s weather is classified as hot summer humid continental climate, which is probably the best climate suited for raising cows for its dairy products.

So why exactly am I talking about the great state of Wisconsin and medical schools? It’s because I’m trying to make a cousin of mine, Betty, study in Wisconsin. She wanted to become a medical assistant; therefore, I told her that the state where she lives in (which happens to be Wisconsin) happens to have a lot of medical assistant schools available. But of course, Betty is a precocious girl. Most of my relatives believe that she is weird and it was only me whom he could converse without problems.

Then again, I also found her a bit strange at first when she gave me a website to check. To my surprise and disappointment, Paleo Compass was not a restaurant. It was a website that talks about the amazing effects of paleo dieting and apparently, she wanted me to start a paleo diet. She is currently on a paleo diet too. Paleo diet or not,  I bet the only reason why she kept on asking me is because she didn’t really want to go to college in Wisconsin.

The Types of Medical Assistants and their Requirements

Back to my paleo-dieting cousin, I told her more reasons why she should just consider going to college in Wisconsin.

In 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report, saying that the number of medical assistants from 2010 to 2020 might increase to 31%. Back then, there were 527,600 medical assistants working all over the United States, so if the report is true, the US would have 690,400 medical assistants working in hospitals and clinics.

If this is the case, then it might be a great idea to get a degree from any medical assistant schools in Wisconsin today.

There are two types of medical assistants though. One would be the administrative medical assistant and the other is the clinical medical assistant. The administrative medical assistant usually takes care of the doctor’s admin tasks, such as encoding a patient’s medical history or buying new medical supplies for the clinic. On the other hand, a clinical medical assistant is someone who assists the doctor with clinical tasks, such as getting a blood sample from a patient or checking a patient’s vital signs. Both types are probably being offered through various degrees and programs within the medical assistant school, but the most important thing is to become a certified medical assistant first in order to be employed.

So in the end, my cousin Betty was finally interested in going to a medical assistant school in Wisconsin. The only thing remaining is for me to actually start on my paleo diet. But that will be another blog post for another time!

Finding Reasons to Believe that Online Education is a Good Choice

Image Credit: mashable.com
Image Credit: mashable.com

Some people are still not convinced of the advantages of online education. I am writing not to share a list of advantages but to share a story of how this particular education set-up has been very helpful for a friend of mine.

She lives in Anniston and she lives in a place that is both her home and her office. She have set up shop at home and this is mainly the reason why it is difficult for her to finish her studies in a regular university. She started out on her business as just something that she could use to have a little extra cash. However, the business was such a blast that for a while back she had to quit school in order to establish a much more smooth system so that the business can be easier to manage. Now that it is done just as so, she still can’t leave the house because the business requires her to be available 24/7.

It is for this reason that she decided to pursue her studies through online education. This way, she could finish school and get herself a degree while still earning and managing her business with ease and accessibility.

Her business, which is actually as a broker for spaces at an Anniston apartment complex, has been booming ever since she started joining in on the sale of spaces. As part of her strategy in selling the spaces, she lives in one of the apartment rooms now and her office is also there. It is beautifully decorated and well-organized so that people who are interested can see the beauty and sturdiness of the available apartments in the area.

Her office has become rather well-recognized in the area, that is why she is having more and more clients. Despite making lots of money, she still desires for a proper college degree in business management. That is why she strives hard to balance her work life and her student life, arranging her online classes in a schedule that would be easy for her. Of course, since she is studying online, she also has the chance to re-schedule classes if needed, especially when her clients unexpected pour in on days that she should be having classes.

Anniston has always been known to have good quality apartments, and this knowledge that she heard in the beginning, is what she used to try and earn money from. My friend really showed all of us that there will always be a sweet reward waiting at the end of every sacrifice.

She sacrificed her studies in order to have a good life, but she also understood the value of education and still pursued it even when she is already earning. Thankfully, there is online education to help her with it.

It would be amazing if a lot of people share the same mentality as my friend, that no matter how well you are earning, an educational attainment to be proud off is also still something that cannot be replaced by money.

Why do people engage in long distance learning?

Image Credit: elearning-africa.com
Image Credit: elearning-africa.com

Because of the development of technology, education has become a more accessible commodity, now, more than ever. This is because of the power of the World Wide Web to connect people even from opposite sides of the globe.

An example of this is what we now call as long distance learning or online learning.

There are a lot of online learning available nowadays. There is the regular schooling process where students can choose courses that they can complete by accomplishing the tasks and requirements that the teachers provide them, online. This is especially true for graduate schools because their students are usually those who are already working. Also, some prestigious schools are located farther from the city, hence, even when schools are available nearby, in order to avail the services of well-founded schools, students would rather learn from them online.

A more popular long distance learning, however, is online tutoring.

Services of tutors are mostly sought by those who wishes to learn English. They hire tutors to talk to them and teach them in English and  the payment is also made online. This is especially easy because tutors don’t even need to be fluent in the mother tongue of their students because there is the internet to communicate for certain things that the students cannot fully comprehend. There are available pictures, translators, and anything the internet has to offer in order to make the teaching and learning experience, easier and faster.

When tutors are lucky, some students would not be so strict with regards to the topic you tackle. As long as you speak English to them and you listen to how they speak English and correct their mistakes, they learn even faster.

Teaching and learning has never been more fun because of the internet. It has provided us with a way to connect and learn, all around the world. Not only that, it has also given us the chance to make friends with people who live miles away from us, making everyone surpass the differences of races and culture.

Of course, there are still groups that find it difficult to accept the fact that Education can now be easily attained. The standards of how well you are as an educated person, can already almost be gained by everyone, as long as they have an internet access. While this is a good thing since a lot of people can now be educated, it raises a problem in terms of assessing just how educated a person could be.

Nonetheless, technology has still given this generation a wonderful gift. Hopefully, people will continue to use it for the better and refrain from abusing the education that the internet brings. Of course, online education should also be respected and that cheating of any sorts through online education should always be checked upon.


Dealing with the Cons of Technology and Education

Image Credit: nytimes.com
Image Credit: nytimes.com

Technology has greatly affected all aspects of life and living, and the world of teaching and education has not escaped this evolution. In the past, teachers have to use chalks and chalkboards in order to teach the class. At that time, everyone thought that the invention of the chalk is a very innovative piece of device. Then it got outdated by whiteboards and whiteboard markers, which is now also an obsolete means to teach since the creation of LCD projectors. While it is true that there are still some schools and teachers that prefer to teach the old fashioned way, we could only do so much as take note that the evolution of these tools for teaching, happened because of the evolution of the things that are being taught.

Before, basic meant basic and secondary meant secondary. But today, basic principles have become more complicated to the point that they do not feel basic at all. The invention of a lot of things and the discovery of many more is enough to turn what once was a 300-page Science book into a thousand pages.

Evolution of education did not only mean the evolution of the things used in teaching, but also included the content of the lessons that are being taught. While tasks are accomplished faster, nothing is simple anymore, in terms of concept and underlying principles. It is only simple to operate, but to understand the ways of why it works the way it does, is very difficult to understand. What matters most to the users is that they are able to control it, never mind the mechanics behind the gadget. Thus, education has somehow become superficial.

We can compare it to a car. A lot of people know how to drive. In fact, people are encouraged to learn how to drive. However, only the experts and a few people know why and how a car runs, how it is able to function as it does.

If one tries to understand why a particular thing works, it becomes more complicated for the person, to the point that there is the invention of the mentality that “we would not use that knowledge anyway” kind of thinking.

When something works, people start to patronize the product. When it fails them, then they dismiss it. That is how it has become today.People would not even bother try to find out why it works, or why it has stopped working.

This level or type of education or learning is something that should be remedied. This may not be the case for all schools and teachers, but it is something that is happening and should be addressed. We are in an era where there are a lot of things to understand, and starting to be superficial now will stop the world from progressing into greater heights that are surely waiting out there to be discovered and utilized.