Why do people engage in long distance learning?

Image Credit: elearning-africa.com
Image Credit: elearning-africa.com

Because of the development of technology, education has become a more accessible commodity, now, more than ever. This is because of the power of the World Wide Web to connect people even from opposite sides of the globe.

An example of this is what we now call as long distance learning or online learning.

There are a lot of online learning available nowadays. There is the regular schooling process where students can choose courses that they can complete by accomplishing the tasks and requirements that the teachers provide them, online. This is especially true for graduate schools because their students are usually those who are already working. Also, some prestigious schools are located farther from the city, hence, even when schools are available nearby, in order to avail the services of well-founded schools, students would rather learn from them online.

A more popular long distance learning, however, is online tutoring.

Services of tutors are mostly sought by those who wishes to learn English. They hire tutors to talk to them and teach them in English and  the payment is also made online. This is especially easy because tutors don’t even need to be fluent in the mother tongue of their students because there is the internet to communicate for certain things that the students cannot fully comprehend. There are available pictures, translators, and anything the internet has to offer in order to make the teaching and learning experience, easier and faster.

When tutors are lucky, some students would not be so strict with regards to the topic you tackle. As long as you speak English to them and you listen to how they speak English and correct their mistakes, they learn even faster.

Teaching and learning has never been more fun because of the internet. It has provided us with a way to connect and learn, all around the world. Not only that, it has also given us the chance to make friends with people who live miles away from us, making everyone surpass the differences of races and culture.

Of course, there are still groups that find it difficult to accept the fact that Education can now be easily attained. The standards of how well you are as an educated person, can already almost be gained by everyone, as long as they have an internet access. While this is a good thing since a lot of people can now be educated, it raises a problem in terms of assessing just how educated a person could be.

Nonetheless, technology has still given this generation a wonderful gift. Hopefully, people will continue to use it for the better and refrain from abusing the education that the internet brings. Of course, online education should also be respected and that cheating of any sorts through online education should always be checked upon.


Dealing with the Cons of Technology and Education

Image Credit: nytimes.com
Image Credit: nytimes.com

Technology has greatly affected all aspects of life and living, and the world of teaching and education has not escaped this evolution. In the past, teachers have to use chalks and chalkboards in order to teach the class. At that time, everyone thought that the invention of the chalk is a very innovative piece of device. Then it got outdated by whiteboards and whiteboard markers, which is now also an obsolete means to teach since the creation of LCD projectors. While it is true that there are still some schools and teachers that prefer to teach the old fashioned way, we could only do so much as take note that the evolution of these tools for teaching, happened because of the evolution of the things that are being taught.

Before, basic meant basic and secondary meant secondary. But today, basic principles have become more complicated to the point that they do not feel basic at all. The invention of a lot of things and the discovery of many more is enough to turn what once was a 300-page Science book into a thousand pages.

Evolution of education did not only mean the evolution of the things used in teaching, but also included the content of the lessons that are being taught. While tasks are accomplished faster, nothing is simple anymore, in terms of concept and underlying principles. It is only simple to operate, but to understand the ways of why it works the way it does, is very difficult to understand. What matters most to the users is that they are able to control it, never mind the mechanics behind the gadget. Thus, education has somehow become superficial.

We can compare it to a car. A lot of people know how to drive. In fact, people are encouraged to learn how to drive. However, only the experts and a few people know why and how a car runs, how it is able to function as it does.

If one tries to understand why a particular thing works, it becomes more complicated for the person, to the point that there is the invention of the mentality that “we would not use that knowledge anyway” kind of thinking.

When something works, people start to patronize the product. When it fails them, then they dismiss it. That is how it has become today.People would not even bother try to find out why it works, or why it has stopped working.

This level or type of education or learning is something that should be remedied. This may not be the case for all schools and teachers, but it is something that is happening and should be addressed. We are in an era where there are a lot of things to understand, and starting to be superficial now will stop the world from progressing into greater heights that are surely waiting out there to be discovered and utilized.